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Tube set: 2x E188CC, 2x 6S4S, 2x 5C3S
Output power: 2 х 4,1W / 4Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Inputs: RCA-1,4V, XLR-0,8V balanced
Input impedances: 100 kohm
Power supply: 220-240V / 50-60Hz (110-130V)
Power input : 139W
Size: 455x370x215mm
Weight: 23 kg

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The Tree Series

What if we made a better than The Two Series in the fine details of the sound . Well, here you go.

Meet The Tree Series.
Brings more air and separation within your music.

Achieving true High-End at an afordable price.
The symmetrical layout of both chanels and the use of higher grade components  improve the sound stange, imaging and bring a live sound.

The 6С4С tube has been carufuly selected in this circuitry as, sonically, it’s the sweet spot between 300b and 2A3.
You do not want to run with the heard? We hear ya …customization of every element could be arranged so that you have one of a kind tube amp.

Contact :
5100 Gorna Oryahovica, Bulgaria,
phone: +359 883 37 18 40
e-mail: contact@mndaudio.com