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MNDАudio delivers that sweet tube high end musicality at affordable prices. Our hand made products will be the boutique pieces in your audio system. They will be made just for you with real wood housing of your choice, with top quality materials. We believe in point to point soldering and do not utilize plastic boards in our designs. We believe that you and your audio system deserve the very best.

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The desire to achieve the High-End is already possible. Series three well above average understanding of high-quality design and sound. Symmetrical layout and use of materials of a high-level working…
Perhaps the most successful version of our second generation SE tube amplifiers. Our development was inspired by the popular American amplifiers with new lamps 6550, KT88, KT120 and KT150. The…
Series two development four combines design and sound. Much better element base and material selection. New transformers with better parameters and qualities. Extremely flexible and fitting amplifier with a clean…
The eighth development of the series one amplifiers. Based on the well-known Gu50. So popular with tight sound at low frequencies. Quick dense and juicy sound. The wooden frame wild…
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a post at monoandstereo.com about my latest amp amplifier. GM70